An A-Z List of Adjectives that Describe Me

This sounds really fun I am excited for it!! YAY!!! I urge the rest of you to try it on your own site. 🙂 Athletic Bubbly Clumsy (or Cheery) Dependable Energetic Fancy Giggly Huggable Intelligent Joyful Kindhearted Lovable Majestic (haha I didn’t know what to do for this one) Nerdy Outgoing Passionate Quick Reliable Skinny … More An A-Z List of Adjectives that Describe Me

5 of My Pet Peeves

Ok.. lets be honest we all have pet peeves… here is the place to let it all out. That little triangle in the corner of the windshield where the windshield wiper doesn’t reach. Forks and knives rubbing up against each other when like cutting steak or something for example where they clash together. That sound … More 5 of My Pet Peeves

7 of My Favorite Foods

Aggghh so many choices to choose from. Here goes. 1.Chicken Parmesan made by my friends mom 2. My Made-from-scratch brownies 3. Chickfala Chicken Nuggets 4. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts 5. Fettuccini Alfredo These are snacks and meals but they all count as food so I am good. -tigerlily4758  

5 Things I Fear

Wow this list would be really long if I didn’t stop myself at 5. I get paranoid about a lot of things, probably more than I should but I do it to myself anyway. Loosing all of my friends Letting people down Not becoming the person I want to be Some Heights Spiders Well that … More 5 Things I Fear