Aren’t erasers unique? With one move of your hand you can erase anything written down in pencil. And now they also have some erasers that can erase pen too. It only takes a couple of strokes to remove something from paper that you didn’t mean to have written down or something that you want to … More Erased

The Path

THE PATH As we walk into life There is a path before us We can choose to walk it Or to stand still If you choose to move forward You’ll find that along the path you’ll run into damage and disaster When you get there you have to decide Do you want to stay there … More The Path


I feel like someone out there tonight needs a little pep talk. Also, let me just say that while I’m writing this I am also giving myself this pep talk. Anyway, here it is. Like and comment this post if this helped you out in any way. “Never quit. If you stumble get back up. … More Perseverance

An A-Z List of Adjectives that Describe Me

This sounds really fun I am excited for it!! YAY!!! I urge the rest of you to try it on your own site. 🙂 Athletic Bubbly Clumsy (or Cheery) Dependable Energetic Fancy Giggly Huggable Intelligent Joyful Kindhearted Lovable Majestic (haha I didn’t know what to do for this one) Nerdy Outgoing Passionate Quick Reliable Skinny … More An A-Z List of Adjectives that Describe Me