On the Fence


A five letter word that can tear you apart

That can rip your mind to shreds

Did you let it in

Did it distract you, even right now

Did it pull you aside, grab you by the collar and punch your lights out

Why did you let it do that

What part of your mind came to life when you heard me say “doubt”

Does a memory come to mind

Does it remind you of a fear

Here’s my question to you though:

Did you fight back

Or did you give up

Did you back down

Why let it win

Why let it destroy you

Why can’t you get rid of doubt

Kick it from the rear and pull yourself out of the ditch it dragged you in to

I got some amazing news for you.. YOU CAN

You can kick out doubt

You can win

You don’t have to loose

But here’s the important part

Are you listening?

You can’t do it on your own

It is physically impossible

You need God

God is the one, the only one who can make the impossible possible

Are you gonna let him help you

Or are you more comfortable in the dark

For in the dark you can’t see all the damage

You can’t see how bruised and beaten down you are

You can try on your own to fight doubt

It might go away for a while

But you know what…

It will come back

It will keep coming back

Harder and harder than the time before

And until God helps you

Until you let Him in to the center of who you are

You can’t truly be free from doubt

When God helps He will break off the broken pieces that doubt has caused

He will rebuild your heart and mind to ward off doubt so it can never enter your heart again

And when you see doubt again

When it walks right in front of you

Its not going to be able to break the wall that God built around you

Nothing can penetrate that wall because nothing can destroy God’s word

So now I ask

Are you on the fence..

Surrounded by doubt and insecurities

Or are you all in for God.


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