To Live

To live is not just to breathe

To live, to truly live, is to have purpose

To have a direction

To have meaning

To see others lives changed

It’s not to please others

It’s not to make a name for yourself

It’s not to tear others down

It’s not to see others hurting

To live is to be with God

To live is to have God Be Your guide

To live is to follow God’s will

To live is to allow God’s will

To live is to have faith

To have faith is to be willing to be different

To be willing to let your life be changed

To be open to change

To not be scared by change

To not be afraid of this world

To recognize the hurt in this world

To want to help lead people out of hurt

To not just look at physical need of people

But to see the spiritual need of people

That purpose I mentioned in the beginning only comes from God

God alone can teach you how to live

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while guys, with classes finishing out it was crazy. Now that is is summer (YAYAYAYAAYAY) I will be able to post more!!



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