Aren’t erasers unique? With one move of your hand you can erase anything written down in pencil. And now they also have some erasers that can erase pen too. It only takes a couple of strokes to remove something from paper that you didn’t mean to have written down or something that you want to change now because it is not what you wanted or what you thought it to be.

Why can’t life be that way? Why can’t I go back to find that old piece of paper that metaphorically is my last and just erase the bad parts that I no longer want there. Why can’t this happen? What type of eraser can erase the permanent ink that my life is being written in.

Whether it is trying to erase a material thing or forget a memory, we all have some piece we wish we could erase from our lives. Sometimes I wish that I could just be somebody’s drawing, like a stick figure, and then when they were done I could be thrown away or erased. I could be gone.

Then it hit me. You know that feeling when you get rid of something or a writing it something that you didn’t think you liked or just impulsively threw away and then you realized you wanted it back? Well some things happen like that and you can’t get that item or whatever it is back. It is permanently gone and you feel devastated now.

This happened to me and the best we can do is try to write a better story from there on out. That’s the best anyone can do after a difficult time.


***Love you all, I am trying to post more frequently. Stay strong***

**Write your own story**



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