The Path

path of life


As we walk into life

There is a path before us

We can choose to walk it

Or to stand still

If you choose to move forward

You’ll find that along the path you’ll run into damage and disaster

When you get there you have to decide

Do you want to stay there forever?

Or keep pushing forward and keep on persevering through the storm

The clouds either hide the light of the sun or they part to show something bright and wonderful

But you will never find out if you stand still

When you get to a point of moving on and growing up you are able to breathe in that fresh air and take a step of faith

But watch your step

Lots of things can get in the way of you trying to get where you’re going

They will grab you by the foot and pull you down

Don’t let them in

They will slowly break you down till you have no perseverance or hope for the future

Here is where I come in

I chose to walk that path

I choose to look up to the long windy road and say I want to get to the top of my mountain where my goals and dreams are

So I pushed on

I walked up that road and didn’t look back

I wanted to get there as soon as I could and as fast as I could

So I would never have to face that destruction I saw others run into

I thought that if I could race through it all I wouldn’t ever have to stop and be able to fall into that temptation out there

Well God began trying to show me something

He tried to show me how sometimes slowing down can be a good thing

It can help you take that chance to breathe and to stop and smell the roses

I didn’t want to at first, I didn’t listen

I wanted to just keep running and not even slow to a walk for Him to show me what He had in store

He had to push and find a new angle to get me to slow down

He brought someone into my life that had destruction in their life

They were hurting and broken

God knows that I have deep compassion for people and a big heart

He knows that if I saw someone hurting that I could potentially help

I would take the chance to try to get them back on the right path

I did all that I could in my own strength to life that person up and to get them out of the shadows

My own strength began to fail at one point

But I wasn’t ready to accept that I couldn’t do something

I didn’t want to hear that my strength wasn’t good enough

So I kept trying yet it still wasn’t enough

I became broken and let the hurt get inside of me too

I didn’t know how to get it out

I felt numb

After about 2 months I gave up

I stopped fighting

Then God began to lift me up and show me the hope that I used to help others

He gave me strength and more perseverance

Now I don’t know where that other person is at now

Hopefully one day they find that hope that I have

I began dusting myself off and began recovering from the hurt that the other person caused

I began to breathe in and see that glimpse of sunlight shine through the clouds

I am only a junior and high school and I may be young but I have seen more hurt than most should see

One of my goals in life is to make sure no one else feels the pain that I felt nor do they feel the pain that I saw

Recovery is not a quick process

But once you get back to a healthy mental and emotional state

You find that passion and perseverance to get you through each and every day

And the process repeats

You keep going each day

You keep moving forward

to let your passions meet perseverance

and you never end up on the wrong path

-i know its been forever guys sorry, there has been a lot going on recently love you all, hope you enjoy this and you can see your own story connecting to something like this



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