Black Friday Shoppers and Time

Well thank goodness Black Friday weekend is over! So many crazy people flood the stores like a bunch of bulls in a china case seeking to get want they want and are willing to go through whatever hoops they have to jump through to get there.

Some even go as far as parking in the weirdest and stupidest places just to be closer to the store.


Yet only in America do you find people being overly greedy and possessive over stuff they probably don’t even need right after they were celebrating being thankful for what they have.


However, i have always been amused by Black Friday shoppers and here’s why. People are willing to get up at the break of dawn and go stand in line for hours; yet the same people have trouble getting up to go to work on time.


Overall its a concept of selfishness, poor motivation, and poor time management. Also, just a little hint about Black Friday.. if you don’t get something for 50% off and up, you didn’t really save any extra money than someone who waited and got it on a normal day without a bunch of crazies around them on their normal sales.


Overall, I hope you all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!


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