Making the Tough Choices

Hey everybody… or nobody….,

Hey to whoever is out their listening or reading,

It’s ripping through your skin, piercing through your veins all the way to your heart, till you crumble at the sight of the tough choices that come up. They force us to put walls up, to build a firm, brick wall against the threat trying to get inside our heart and mind. Being continuously on the watch for the threats around, even from those that don’t normally cross our mind as threats. But for now, everything is. This brick wall is built higher and higher till even you can’t find a way out. Now its no longer just the threat trying to get in, it’s also you trying to find another way out; a back door as some might say. Yet, one day this brick wall comes crashing down, when you “cowboy up” and get out of your shell to fight the fight and come to a clear decision on those curve balls life throws at us from time to time.  Unless its a fake decision, just an act. But assuming it’s not….

Not only is it the fight with making the choice…. it’s with the after effects too. Never knowing till it’s probably to late whether the decision was for the better in the long run or if later unexpected consequences will arrive . Or even scarier, if you get both. That’s one thing you don’t really expect. You think it will be one or the other. The question is what if its not?

At the end of it all, is it really done? I can’t help but think how some things just will follow you to the grave. Maybe that’s just me being paranoid. I tend to do that a lot.

I guess this post follows the saying for this blog and the things I thought I would be writing about when I first started <FALLING TO FLY> Falling is just another way of flying. Tough choices are part of life. A lot of times it involves moving on. Something a lot of people have trouble doing, including myself. Overall, we have to remember it’s not about the tough choice, it’s how we choose to respond to it and move forward with our life from the day we first encounter it.

Take a HOPEFUL PERSPECTIVE on the matter!


Have a blessed week guys! 🙂


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