5 Favorite Resaurants or Bars

Now I love food, and I don’t mean in some obsessive way where I eat too much and it becomes a problem. I mean, I love to bake food, cook food (yes there is a difference), and eat food. I have a fast metabolism, and so basically as a little joke I say that I loose weight or burn calories by even looking at food.  Anyway here are my top 5 places to go to eat.

#1. Chickfala

Ok, so I know that Chickfala is not technically a restaurant (well the meaning in this post), but it is a fast food RESTAURANT, so I am going to say that it counts. Chickfala is delicious and one of the best fast food restaurant out there. I always get the chicken nuggets. And let me just ask, is it just me or does anyone else like to dip the chicken nuggets in the chickfala mayo?? That’s probably just me, but hey everyone is different in their own way.

#2. Red Robin

Red Robin is a great family restaurant and not to mention they have a great birthday theme song if you go there on your birthday. When I was little and my parents would ask what restaurant I wanted them to take me too for my birthday, the answer was always Red Robin. I would order their mac and cheese bowl, and then I would have 3-4 more servings of it. There dessert is amazing! Their Chocolate Lava Cake is basically like cotton candy in the sense where it melts in your mouth and with every bit you want more and more.

#3. Olive Garden

Olive Garden is a really nice, clean restaurant where you feel like your at home for some Italian cooking. My favorite item to order is the Fettuccini Alfredo.  Not to mention their breadsticks are really good, and do not harden after a few days in the fridge afterwards. That is if they last that long. 🙂

#4. Chili’s

Chili’s is a pretty common restaurant that you see everywhere, no matter what state you are in. One of Chili’s newer items, the Chicken Avocado Flatbread, I have come to really enjoy eating. They are a very family centered restaurant, just make sure you get there before the dinner/lunch rush, because it will be packed.

#5. Panera Bread

Now just like #1, Panera Bread isn’t really a full on restaurant. It’s kind of a mix between a full on restaurant and a fast food restaurant. Just recently I saw a drive-thru Panera Bread, so maybe it is changing. I love the smell when you walk into Panera bread and how you can see the employees hard at work on your food. My favorite thing to order is their Broccoli Cheese Soup in a bread bowl and get it with some of their kettle chips. If you have never tried this I recommend it strongly.

Comment if one of these is your favorite as well.




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