I write because….. (daily prompt)

I write becuase……..

I can be free
To take a step back from my life
To breathe for a moment
And to find something to draw inspiration out of

I write because…

I may not be good at it
People may not like my writings,
Yet it is a chance to express myself and to try to inspire others

When I try to come up with ideas of what to write
Or try to think about whether people will like me or my writings
I have to pull myself back in and realize…..
…why i do this blog

This is why…
I write and this is why I created this blog because
When my life drags me down or things aren’t going right. I can escape to a world, where people don’t see me, they don’t know my name, all they know are my thoughts and writings and that is something that makes me free.


P.S. check out Christina’s Blog: Stealing quiet time in noisy disorder, she did a post about this daily prompt. I love her work


2 thoughts on “I write because….. (daily prompt)

  1. I love this .. It’s so true! Writing provides us with such freedom and with the opportunity to escape. Thanks to venues such as WordPress, we can write with anonymity if we choose, which makes it that much easier for us to express ourselves without fear of judgement. Thank you for linking back to my blog. I really enjoyed your take on this prompt. šŸ˜Š

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