Passions, Dreams & Goals

goals and passions

No matter where you are in life, no matter what you are doing, there is always something you are striving for.. a passion or a goal. I have many passions as most of us do, but my main ones are school (nerd city- population: me), and sports- specifically volleyball. Goals in my mind are a bit different. Three of my biggest goals are to one day become a Nurse in a Children’s Hospital, to finish college with a 5.0 GPA, and to accomplish all four years of varsity volleyball and eventually join the U.S. Volleyball team.

goals and passions 2

Goals are long term accomplishments, something that you hope or dream of accomplishing in the near or far future. You take your passions and put them into goals or dreams that help you layout a plan to one day accomplishing them. I believe imagination is the key in this process. If you dream something, you have to believe it can happen. You have to push yourself to accomplish that dream or goal that is one of your passions, because a dream.. without passion… is a goal that is not accomplishable.

Goals and passions and dreams

Keep dreaming guys!! Never give up, no matter the rough patches.



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