If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go right now? What would you do? Would you visit anyone?
I challenge you guys to answer this question and leave your comment below.

Here is my answer:
If i could travel anywhere in the world right now.. I would go to …. wow this is harder than I thought.. I have many choices to choose from such as Florida, Paris, Virginia, and Germany.  I have been to all of these places except Paris. I think I have decided I would go to Germany. I went there first when I was 9 and it was amazing. I love all the history there!! 🙂 I am a visual learner, I would rather witness the history than read about it. I would go there and see some of our friends we have in Germany, and then when my brother gets there next week I would suprise him at the airport. I would go see all the castles and travel around on the train and try a bunch of their food and learn how to make a lot if it to so i could bring it back here to Colorado.



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