Hey guys! I wanted to talk about music with you guys today. Every once in a while people will ask you what your favorite song is or who your favorite artist is. This can be an easy question for some, or a hard question for others such as myself. So here are some of my … More Music

Your Mind

Everyone has a mind of their own. Nobody can tell exactly what your thinking, there is no superpower that gives someone the ability to know everything your thinking. Even while you are reading this post.. I don’t know what your thinking. I know what I’m thinking and only that. You may be thinking of past … More Your Mind

Dear Benedict Cumberbatch

  Hey everybody this is a must read for any Sherlock and/or Benedict Cumberbatch fans. -tigerlily4758 This So You Don’t Know Me But… brought to you by Lane Brown. You can visit him at his blog. Dear Honeycutt Candycrush, I’m a huge fan. I think you’re a fabulous Sherlock Hol… Source: Dear Benedict Cumberbatch


If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go right now? What would you do? Would you visit anyone? I challenge you guys to answer this question and leave your comment below. Here is my answer: If i could travel anywhere in the world right now.. I would go to …. wow … More Travel