Overcoming Obstacles


Throughout life, no matter what age, we all go through many different obstacles and it pulls out different sides of us that we might not of seen before. As I continue to grow older the obstacles seem to get bigger and harder. A good analogy to picturesquely describe that is this: Imagine you are on a track field and you are doing hurdles. The farther away you are it seems so easy and the hurdles look small; yet as you begin to get closer to those hurdles they aren’t as small and they are definitely not easy to jump over from close up, this is why you get a running start. Yet some of these hurdles tend to knock us down, but we have to get up and keep going even if it hurts for a while.

I love this analogy personally. It is something that I repeat to myself in the back of my mind daily to keep me going if I face troubles. And as we climb over these hurdles daily it is good to remember to surround yourself with those who will lift you up and keep you going when you want to quit.

Remember to keep strong and hold out hope guys. Have a good weekend.



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