The girl who…

blog of me

Hi there, this blog post is inspired by something that describes the world we live in and the consequences it is giving off.

She cares to much about those who are her friends and those she doesn’t even know. She forgives to quickly even when they are then ones who burn her. She puts out the fire by saying it’s her fault. Most of the “burners” accept that she blamed it on herself, very few try to make things right. She believes that one day these people might change, and that’s true they might, but it is also very true that many people don’t change. She is the one who covers pain with a smile, which very few can see past. She smiles all day, and cries all night.

And she doesn’t mind who she is; she tries to change from being burned and it happens every once in a while when she feels they have changed then they turn around and do it again. There will always be people who pick you up when you fall, and you and her just have to trust that, on those days, they will be there no matter the circumstances.

Our world is changing constantly and people need to have faith in people like she does, while finding a way to not be burned but to stand and lead our falling world.



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