Dreams (#1)

All my life, so far that is, I have been chasing after and doing everything I need to do to get to the place where I want to be. One of my first dreams that I wanted was to be an Olympic Gymnast. I worked so hard towards that goal and turns out that it wasn’t God’s will for me. I got taller and older and it began to hurt my back after 7 years of doing it since I was a little girl. Then I moved on to volleyball, I am still doing that right now, and it is harder than it looks. I am going for college volleyball, but my high school/college doesn’t have a sports or athletic department so I have to wait till I finish all of my high school credits then I can go to another college and continue on my studies while I add on athletics. I might start up karate soon though cause lets face it what woman doesn’t need self defense skills. As you can probably tell by know I like being athletic and I am an extrovert. So I am in high school,  but I am also in college which becomes confusing. I am going for my applied science degree. And my mom keeps telling me that I have my whole life in front of my to decide what I want to be, and what I want to do with my life. I really don’t know if the career I have picked out is the career for me or not, but it has been on my heart so I will see where it leads, and if its meant to be then I would like to become and entrepreneur and start up my own business called and I already have an idea for the name. Also on my heart is to become a culinary artist or chef. Many people have told me that since I am very artistic that I should look towards becoming a chef instead of the career that I am dreaming towards. Well, at lest I can now say that I have a Plan B. And if all else fails I will just jump to Plan C to just be a mom and a wife, and that I know for sure that I want to chase after that dream, just as much as a lot of women do. Well my dreams are all over the place, let’s just hope that at least one of them happens to me. Lord willing.


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